In 2013, Tombstone Hardware began as an answer to the dwindling chopper/bobber culture on Long Island. After 2 strong years followed by a year off, Its back in full force. TSHW originally started out as a way to revive old shirts that had been used throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Then transformed into a completely different monster. With the launch of the new site in May of 2017, we plan to bring some more cool shit to the table. Frequently posting blog updates allows us to showcase bikes, add maintenance tips and tricks, and keep you up to speed with what events are going on around the country. This company was started in the shed of the back of my old house where my father and I tinkered with bikes for years. Its a product of loving a culture and wanting to fully envelop myself in it. Still to this day it remains a grassroots basic company with ties to actual bikers and the community. Not just some bullshit sellout trying to squeeze a dollar out of everyone they see.